The Work


The cycle of work on the vines begins in January with the first dry pruning during the proper lunar phase. In the last decade of April or in the first of May, before the setting, we do a first green pruning: the extra buds, the shoots and some small clusters are gathered from the vines in order to give the productive base a good leaf balance, efficient ventilation and excellent blending. Over the months and at the time of the coloring of the fruit we do additional green pruning: thanks to the experience handed down, and according to the weather, we cut some clusters to help the vines produce a balanced quantity of grapes and reach better maturity. Before the harvest we cut the clusters that do not reach the level of quality required (but with which we produce a good grape juice). During the harvest, we carefully select the grapes: a choice is made during the harvest phase and slightly before the grapes are destemmed and crushed.
The juice passes by gravity, into traditional containers of fiberglass cement of smallmedium size that we fill in a variable manner according to year. The fermentation is very prolonged, occurs slowly, at low temperature and thanks to the singular yeast of our grapes. With the passing of the days the wine clarifies by natural decanting, then passes to the cellar for aging in the highest quality oak casks, remaining there for a period of time that respects the canons for aging of Brunello di Montalcino (more than 36 months in casks for the Brunello; more than 12 months in casks for the Red; more than 48 months in casks for the Brunello Riserva).
After having obtained the recognition of the Commissione del Consorzio del Brunello and from the Chamber of Commerce of Siena, the wine is bottled "by gravity" to avoid the stress caused by mechanical pumps. The wine develops in bottles for many years and is strengthened thanks to its natural and pure characteristics.