The Cellar


The cellar is composed by three sections: a winemaking cellar, a cellar for aging in casks and a cellar for aging in bottles.

Winemaking Cellar
This cellar is located in a room with stone walls on the ground floor; during the entire year it maintains the temperature at approximately 15°C. It is equipped with vats in fiberglass cement of various capacities (up to a maximum of 50 Hl). The destemmer-crusher and the pump are of the latest generation. Pressing of the grapes occurs according to tradition, with a hydraulic press with stainless steel mesh basket.

Cellar for aging in casks
It is located on the ground floor of a building constructed of stone at the end of the 1800’s.This cellar also guarantees the wine efficient protection from thermal influences
because it is able to maintain the temperature for excellent aging and which does not require the aid of conditioners. The aging of the wines occurs in oak casks from Slavonia, Croatia (from 25 to 30 Hl capacities) and its duration varies according to the requirements of the year, being in any case greater than 36 months.

Cellar for aging in bottles
This cellar is located in a partially underground area that allows excellent aging of the wines in bottles. Nearly a fourth of the space of the cellar is occupied by stratifications of rocks and sediment from the Pliocene era (discovered during digging for construction of the cellar), which facilitate the maintenance of temperature and humidity and provide a visual image of the potential of the subsoil of Paradiso di Manfredi.